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A Century of Barbering

Experience the character and authenticity of a true American Barbershop in the heart of Europe. Kraig Casebier is a third-generation American barber who grew up around his grandfather's Central City, Kentucky barbershop, founded in 1918, and later his father's shop in Louisville, 'The Wayne Way'. Almost a century later, Kraig brought a lifetime of experience in men's fashion and lifestyle to Prague, igniting the Czech Republic's barber renaissance. Stop by and experience his family's century-old barbering tradition, served up with southern hospitality and a tumbler of fine Kentucky bourbon or a shot of bulletproof coffee.

Image:  All three Casebeir barber generations

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Our Services

Haircut / Skin Fade
from 700kč 

Beard Trim with Line-up

from 500kč

Hot Towel Shave
from 500kč

from 400kč

Elecric Head Shave
from 400kc

Boy's Cut (up to 11 years)
from 350kč

Teen Cut (12-15 years)
from 500kč

Women's Haircut
from 900kč

Haircut and Beard Trim or Shave
from 1100kč

Buzzcut with Beard Trim or Shave
from 850kč

Gentleman's Package
from 2400kč

Coloring and other Treatments
from 2500kč

64+ Senior's Discount
100kč off all services

All services come with a complimentary drink (bourbon, beer, coffee, soft drink, etc.). Prices vary depending on the level of service and your choice of barber. 


Passion & Experience

There are good haircuts, and then there are great haircuts.
A great hairstyle should reflect you as an individual. That's why we start with a consultation to determine your particular needs based on hair type, facial structure and head shape, as well as profession, lifestyle and personality. You won’t get a 20 minute cut from us. We take the time to create the perfect style or styles for you. We then teach you the skills to re-create your new look at home.


All our barbers are trained to ensure the highest skill and service required to guarantee a fantastic haircut. Their knowledge combined with the classic American barber experience will have you looking and feeling your best!

Image:  Wayne Casebier with a client in 1969

Our Team

Beyond Hair


Whisky Tastings

Our in-house bar has an extensive whiskey and bourbon selection, including brands from top distilleries like Buffalo Trace, Woodford and Old Fashioned Copper. One standard bourbon is included with service, and premium brands are available for an extra fee. For organized whiskey tastings please call. 



 Over the years we've held many special  events and surprise concerts that clients gain access to after booking with us - just one of the perks of visiting the shop.

We also are happy to offer our space to others. Our shop lounge is a relaxed place for one-off events, corporate meetings, bachelor parties and small club gatherings. Featuring a country-blues theme that complements the bourbon bar, the space can be rented upon request.



Several commercials and series have been shot in the shop, including our own, and we are happy to accommodate other film and video related requests. 

The shop features a brick interior which classic checkered floors and 100-year-old barber chairs. Its complmented by a parlour type bar/lounge in the back with further areas available for staging and catering.


Shop Hours

Walk-ins are always welcome but we are mainly by- appointment since we keep odd hours. Most days we open at 9 or 10 a.m. but Brad takes bookings as early as 7 for the early birds. We often close around 7 p.m, but have no problem staying till 8 or 9 if you ask nicely. Doing it this way lets our barbers take care of their kids, go to the doctor's office and generally have a liveable lifestyle. It also means you don't have to wait in line for a cut.

Image: Wayne Casebeir, 1967 All-American Championship Barber and Kraig's dad.


A Word About Community

In America, the barbershop has always been an important pillar of community life, providing a informal space where people from all walks of life can encounter one another, share experience, learn and laugh. It is a third space, away from the office and the home, serving residents beyond just hair. We've had presidents and abassadors sit in the same chair as activists and line cooks. This is the essence of the American barbershop, and it is one we take pride in creating here. 


When you step into our shop, regardless of your nationality, skin color, or political allegience, you can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere where you are welcome.

Image: Shop floor at our sister shop in Atlanta run by Kraig's brother Kerry Casebier.


Na Bělidle 813/12

150 00 Praha 5-Anděl

Czech Republic

+420 608 496 648 

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